When it comes to marketing one’s business, there are quite a few options available, but not all marketing tools can provide you with the results you need. For instance, those retailers who use email campaigns know all too well that it doesn’t really matter how well crafted your email is; if it sits unopened in the recipient’s inbox, or worse, in the junk folder, all of your hard work is in vain.

However, there is one marketing method that still holds true even today. It’s called SMS marketing, and it is considered one of the most effective marketing techniques for retailers. This is mainly because, while a person has the choice of opening an email or leaving it unopened in their inbox, everybody reads a text, regardless of who sends it. We’re just programmed that way. So, keeping that in mind, here’s all there is to know about SMS marketing for retailers.

Don’t Break the Rules

SMS marketing for retailers is a tried and tested method of reaching out to your customers. However, it is important to stay within your bounds when using SMS marketing campaigns. All too often, retailers make the mistake of sending out text messages to customers without getting their consent, which could have the opposite effect.

In the United States, retailers need to be compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which is a federal law and guidelines for the CTIA, a wireless communication industry trade organization. The requirements of this act are:

  • A customer needs to opt-in for SMS marketing
  • The retailer needs to explain what messages they can expect to receive
  • All retailers must respect the customer’s choice to opt out

Advantages of SMS Marketing for Retailers

If you’re still on the fence, here are some of the benefits of using SMS marketing for retailers.

SMS Marketing Performs Better

One of the best parts of using SMS marketing for retailers is that SMS marketing campaigns have consistently performed better than email marketing campaigns.

Users are More Likely to Read Messages

According to studies, the average person either clicks, taps or swipes their smartphone around 2,600 times a day. That’s a lot, which significantly improves the chances of your text message being read by the recipient. This basically allows retailers to reach their customers wherever they are without having to wait for them to check their email.

Engage Customers During Various Stages of the Buying Lifecycle

One of the main advantages of using SMS marketing for retailers is simply because it allows you to engage customers who are at various stages of the buying cycle. Besides, sometimes, all the customer needs is a slight nudge in the right direction. This is where SMS marketing shines and can be used to encourage customers to take a particular action and can even boost repeat purchases and increase customer retention.

Ending Note

The benefits of using SMS marketing for retailers are endless. Cloud Cafe is your one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a retailer, you can rest assured that you are going to get the best quality service possible so that you can reach out to a wider audience.


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