When a customer lands on an e-commerce retail store, they are often looking for a typical product. Some people might want a product from a certain brand while others may be looking for specific features. Whatever the criteria are, customers need to search for them, and to provide them a better experience, retailers need to optimize site search.

This can be quite tricky for retailers because they have hundreds, if not thousands, of products in numerous categories. The process can be very time consuming, but you need to remember that it will offer you a lot of benefits in the long run including:

  • More clicks
  • Quickly connecting customers to their needs
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Help business understand customer behavior and optimize results
  • Increased website credibility
  • Low marketing costs

Optimizing the Search Experience For Retailers’ Websites

 A retail store offers hundreds or thousands of items for sale and all of these have their own dedicated pages. Shoppers don’t always land on these pages; instead, they search by size, type, color, price range, and  sale. All these elements of the product including their images and text description need to be optimized. Therefore, if you want your shopper to not miss a product, you must optimize your website not just for general retail search, but also for each specific item.

Here is how you can do that:

Filtering Results

The easiest way for customers to find the product they need is to give them search filter options that can narrow down the results based on brand, style, colors, size, and price.

The best online retailers also have automatic filtering built-in their website which automatically removes items based on cues from the customer’s search results. This enables better matching of the product to the user.

For example, if a customer is searching for a “green shirt,” the system should produce results that best match the search rather than products with the word “green” or “shirt” in the description.

Search Suggestions

When you type a query in a retailer search field, a list of potential products appears in the field in the form of a drop-down. This can have many beneficial effects for the customer, including less typing and bringing customers to their searched item faster.

 It also helps customers to fine-tune their search query, particularly for longer terms. This is particularly useful for mobile since the attention span on the device is shorter.

 This type of autocomplete option helps the user feel they are engaging in a conversation and gives them a more interactive experience.

Optimizing Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs appear as a string of web pages on the top of the website and allow customers to keep track of where they are. This navigation allows the user to easily navigate between pages without redoing their search from scratch.

Since they provide a visual hierarchy of pages or categories, it can allow users to fine-tune their searches.

Using Federated Search

A federated search interface is a highly effective way that allows customers  to view products from all over the site. This search can be configured to draw from various types of content, including products, resource pages, videos, blogs, and tutorials in a single result page.

In addition, the results are arranged on the page based on relevance to the user’s question. This is a wonderful way to acquaint customers with the diverse offerings on your site without requiring them to dig deep into your site’s subdomain.

Personalized Results

Since Google is prioritizing personalization more and more, online retailers are personalizing results based on a user’s past and current online behavior. This allows retailers to understand a customer’s preferences and provide them with highly relevant and personalized results in response to a request.

This means the customer can easily find the exact range of products that they are looking for. This increases conversion, purchase frequency, and cart size, meaning more profit for retailers.

Choosing an E-commerce Site Solution

Finding the right e-commerce software development solution for your online retail store is crucial. At Cloudcafe, we offer a variety of e-commerce search solutions including plug-and-play search tools as well as highly customizable tools that use advanced analytics.

We make sure to follow all the industry’s best practices and take care to stay current while working on your e- commerce design and development. We work closely with e-commerce retail stores of all sizes to help improve the search experience to meet your business goals. For more information, reach out to us today.

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