Is Your Website Costing You Business?


We are offering a Free 8-point website audit from our Master eCommerce Baristas here at Cloudcafe. In this robust and eye-opening analysis, you’ll find out how your current eCommerce brew stands out against the rest including:


Platform Core Changes

How have you tried to spice things up? It may be impacting site performance.

3rd Party Plugin Audit

It’s exciting when a new tool comes out but what happens when they’re no longer being manufactured or supported? Or better yet what if there is a cheaper, more advanced alternative available?

Site Responsiveness

Are you providing a strong user experience on every device?

ADA Compliance

ADA website compliance is enforced by the DOJ and most do not even realize they are in violation. Lawsuits are serious and a simple audit can save you $$$

Security Audit

Do you provide a safe, secure shopping experience?

Performance Review

Are you an acquired taste that is worth the wait? Most of the time online users need that immediate gratification. 1, 2 maybe 3 seconds and they’re gone…never to be seen again.

Browser Compatibility

Making sure you compatible with the top browsers is always important especially when it comes to your target audience.

Mobile & Desktop UI Review

Responsive Design is great, but to give an overall better experience don’t assume just adjusting size responsiveness is going to make for the best experience instead of adapting experience for each device.

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