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Our team is experienced in delivering deep analytics and insights across your supply chain. 

How are we different?

SEO and traditional email marketing are increasingly ineffective. Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is increasingly occupied by paid advertisements.  Email “Inbox” is very crowded with emails and offers. Standing out requires personalization which is engaging.

Using data analysis and statistical techniques, Cloudcafe can provide insights into your customer’s tastes, preferences and priorities. Intelligence which can be used for targeted marketing and sales promotions. Engaging customers in a more personalized approach has shown to increase conversion rates and sales.

We differentiate ourselves by providing expertise to assist our customers in their digital marketing beyond the usual SEO and email marketing which is not data driven.

Development Use Cases

Data Science Expertise

We are affiliated with a network of highly qualified data scientists and researchers with PhD’s in Operations Research, Statistics and AI. The expertise of our team covers linear and non-linear optimization, Bayesian optimization, network optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, Neural Networks and other advanced techniques. In addition to retail industry, our team has worked in other domains such as financial services, manufacturing, health care, transportation & logistics and distribution.

Technological Expertise

Our technology team is made up of very senior software and database designers, developers and quality assurance engineers. Unlike traditional business software applications, analytics applications are heavy in math and statistics and require expertise in data visualization, algorithm implementation and large databases. Our development team is made up of math and science graduates.

Original Algorithms

We develop models and algorithms from first principles and specifically for the problem at hand. We do not use open source third party algorithms.  Our data science team has years of experience in modeling and creating algorithms for Predictive and Prescriptive analytics. 

Our expertise in Machine Learning includes building neural network systems and cognitive modeling.

Valid Results

Many data science projects suffer from garbage-in-garbage-out syndrome such that the model is provides erroneous results. This can be damaging if those results are driving or influencing executive decisions. Our model validation techniques  provide the confirmation one needs to ensure that the outcomes are trustworthy.

Solutions We Offer:

Business Dashboards

Powerful data visualization to get an overview of the state of business as-is. By tracking critical business parameters such as sales, site visitor traffic and source, abandoned carts, customer time spent on various parts of the site, will help in making informed strategic and operational decisions

Predictive Analytics

Customer behavior modeling, personalization, recommendation systems, customer segmentation, propensity modeling. Our solutions will substantially improve the returns and effectiveness of advertising and promotional campaigns

Prescriptive Analytics

Use of quantitative techniques to generate business solutions which can be implemented. Inventory optimization, optimal distribution and warehouse location strategies are some of the examples of our capabilities

Solutions Built for eCommerce & Marketing


Search Marketing Dashboards

Monitor all the organic search, paid search, social media traffic to your site. Integrate with Google Analytics, Google Web Master Toolkit and Google Tag Manager. Track the user behavior of traffic segments 

Cloud Integration

All of our dashboards are hosted on AWS or Azure cloud platforms. We integrate on premise data with a cloud database through an ETL process.


Marketing Campaign Dashboard

Track the performance of all digital marketing and promotion campaigns by monitoring performance of banner ads, landing pages, PPC, for both web and mobile. Track visitor journey, bounce rates and conversion rates 

Support and Maintenance

To ensure system availability, we provide 24×7 support services.

eCommerce Sales Dashboard

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.


Display FAQs

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

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